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Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirthaji Maharaj, Yoga disciple of Swami Narayan Dev Tirtha ji Maharaj and Sannyasi disciple of Swami Bharti Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj (Shankaracharya, Govardhan Pitha, Puri) established ‘Shankar Math’ in 1933 at Uttarkashi and ‘Siddhayogashram’ in 1934 at Varanasi. Since their establishment these two Mathas and Ashramas are the centres of self-realisation through the practice of “Siddhayoga (Kundalini/ Vedha dīkşā/ Sahaja Yoga)”. Thousands of men, women and children from India and abroad are making their life successful, joyful with inherent peace through the practice of Siddhayoga under the guidance, care and blessings of the great Gurudevas of ‘Shankar Math’ and ‘Siddhayogashram’.

Swami Narayan Tirthaji Maharaj, the youngest disciple of Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirthaji Maharaj, practised Siddhayoga way of life and developed a tradition based on the learning from the service of his Gurudeva, Veda Shastras and Indian culture. His life style was full of devotion, sincerity, dexterity, ingenuity, patience and service. Gurudeva, Swami Narayan Tirthaji Maharaj’s spiritual life, practical experience and method of solving problems of spiritual and materialistic life, were unique. His life was an ideal inspiring and motivating force for the practice of Yoga in its simplest form for the last many decades (approximately half a century) for thousands of men, women and children. It is very necessary to preserve his preachings and joyful memories of his life and use them in our daily life.

Swami Atmananda Tirthaji Maharaj, established Swami Narayan Tirtha Veda-Vidya Sanskriti Charcha Kendra (A Centre for Human Study) in short named as “Tirtha Kendra” on Vasanta Panchami (Vikram Samvat 2059/ 2003 A.D.) to preserve preachings and joyful memories of Swami Narayan Tirthaji Maharaj and practise them in our daily life.

OUR Principle:

Srimann Narayan/ Guru mantra smaran, Practice of Siddhayoga, Knowledge of Scriptures and Traditions, Togetherness and Service of Humanity.

Our resolve is to set precedent of real karmayoga by offering life in the sacrifice for world peace by means of friendship and love.

OUR Motto:

1. Simple living and high thinking. For realising God, one has to always practise honesty and high thinking.
2. To follow the Vedic thoughts through balanced and beneficial application of science and technology, so as to bring stability to the present confounded society.
3. Propagation of Rabindra thoughts, for we think that it is Rabindra thoughts that can bring stability to the present unstable society.
4. Humanities means nothing but application of the 26 divine attributes / accomplishments mentioned in the 16th chapter of Gita (
abhayam sattvasamsuddhih etc.) in human life.
5. To make education universal and accessible. As a part thereof, Suradhuni Mobile School, i.e. introduction of
6. One who has no reasoning faculty does not deserve to be called a man.
7. Happiness and peace rest in harmony, sorrow and confusion in disharmony – this is the brahmabhavana ‘thought of
brahman.’ There is only harmony in Brahman.
8. Nature is our mother. When the mother is protected, she will protect us too. 

Rules and Regulations


  1. Please remove your shoes at the designated place and wash your feet before entering the Math.
  2. As soon as you enter the Math, please remember them whom you have taken resort to (i.e. your Gurus).
  3. Please render service (seva) in the activities relating to temples, such as cooking, worship, etc., keeping in mind the varnashrama code.
  4. Please do not engage yourselves in idle talk, slander, etc. This entails loss of power. Let it be known that maunam sarvarthasadhanam “silence is the means of all objects.”
  5. Please participate in the work of cleaning the premises, basin, bathrooms, toilets, commode, etc. and gardening. Work leads to purification of mind. The devotees are required to keep their rooms, veranda and toilets clean.
  6. Please switch off the lights, fans, geysers and water taps after use. Please replace articles at their usual place after finishing work. 
  7. Please make the staff of the Ashrama aware of lapses, if any. It is expected that the members of the staff and the visitors will cooperate with one another.
  8. Please do not move out of your rooms in the Ashrama premises in night dress.
  9. Both ladies and gentlemen may please remain alert in respect of their clothes and see that dignity of the Ashrama is not violated.
  10. Before leaving your rooms, please clean your beds.
  11. Please inform beforehand if one cannot come to bhandaras, so that food is not wasted. Prasada will be distributed only after the completion of sadhubhandaras and bhaktabhandara.

message from gurudev

"May our holy Narayan Yatra (The Journey) be a success showered by the blessings of Guruji."



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